Business Events

Unusual?! Yes!

This is not the boring sound proofed, neon lit, carpeted place with velour covered seating in a block of a building.

In case you are looking for a creative surrounding Zabola Estate is the right place to stay. There is a lot of open space with tons of nature, castle park, lakes, forest, pastures. This mirific setting scattered with centuries old buildings with various purposes to suite a tailor-made event of your choice. In addition, of course, there are all the gadgets you would need for a lecture or a presentation. The Luxury Stable boasts with 2 large halls (80 and 180 sqm) fitted with open fireplaces that can be set according to your wish. For smaller meetings there is the 2 parlours of the New Castle or you can go open air in one of the pavilions in the garden.

In addition to the professional matters we offer a range of activities as well such as bear-watch, horseback riding, coach ride, archery, rowing, guided tours, kürtőskalács workshop or hot air ballooning.

Worried about your stomach?

The area is well known for its ethnic dishes, but our kitchen stuff is trained to serve any sophisticated desire. An idea you might want to ‘digest’: having a lovely garden pork on a spit or just a grill party in the green might be a good idea for a casual meal.

For outdoor moments there are:
- Fireplace at the Beehive Oven – a grand bonfire, loads of candles, glowing grill for a leisure time

- Terraces in front of the New Castle for a memorable dinner
- Round the fountain, at the Lakeside or the back garden of the Luxury Stable for a reception

For indoor happenings we suggest you plan with:
- The New Castle for a quiet meeting
- The 2 halls of the Luxury Stables with its two huge open fireplaces for a meeting, lecture or a candle only illuminated magnificent party.

Covered places:
- Pavilion at the back of the Machine House for a sip of fresh air
- Patio of the Luxury Stables for a bit of shelter

For your tailor made offer please consult with our Event Specialist: email address

Imola phone no.