Former Manors in Transylvania

The family had several manor houses throughout Transylvania of which very few survived the turmoiled history of the 20th century. Besides Zabola Estate, Ozun and Cisteiu de Mureș found its way back to their rightful owners, and unfortunately only the first two are in a functional state.

Former Mikes castles and manor houses in Transylvania:

Marosujvár / Ocna Mures

Szászfenes / Floresti destroyed in 1946

Tordaszentlászló / Savadisla – hospital

Uzon / Ozun

Magyarcsesztve / Cisteiu de Mureș – destroyed

Sepsibükszád / Bixad - school, mayor’s office, police station, kindergarden

Bodola / Budila

Oltszem / Olteni

Zágon / Zagon

Debrek / Dobric