Quad ride to the highest point in the Curve of the Carpathians

The forests of the Carpathian Bend cover thousands of square kilometers of our mountains, hiding many interesting corners, all of which are impossible to track on foot. If you feel like reaching a little further, with the help of our muscle machines, you may reach the remotest peaks where no bird can fly.

Adventure up!

To keep our guests safe at all times, our tours are conducted with knowledgeable guides who understand and respect the habitat and behavior of game. We have chosen our routes so that they do not harm nature and give you an unforgettable experience.


Route 1: Weather station Lakóca (alt. 1777m), travel time 4-4.5h, 1000 RON/quad, Guide 400 RON

Route 2: travel time 3h, 800 RON/quad, Guide 300 RON

Route 3: Hilib Hilltop (910m alt.), travel time 2h, 600RON/quad, Guide 200 RON

Route 4: travel time 1h, 400 RON/quad, Guide 150 RON

Prices include renting costs, fuel, protective gear, tour guide, refreshments.


Minimum age on quad is 12 years

The quad driver must have a valid category B driver's license.

One day advance reservation needed.