Sauna in the Woods

On the first peak of the Estate you will find a wood heated finish sauna, a cold-water tub and a shower.
The Sauna can be used all over the year. Bring your torch and boots!
…with a view of the Carpathian Mountains and the Great Háromszék plain beneath your feet.
You will be in the forest and might see a few deer hopping away…
Traditionally we use the Sauna before dinner. Sauna during sun-dawn is most enchanting, whereas
every moment of the day is right for this experience.

€ 35 for 1-2 guests, a beautiful experience with a water-cure of 2 bottle local Mineral Water from our Carpathian volcanic area. In addition,
you will receive 2 bottles of local Craft Beer.

Each additional guest €10, max. 6 guests.