Sauna in the Woods

Sauna at Zabola is a genuine clash of the elements at the very heart of Transylvanian nature.

Pump your body up with the heat of the wood burning stove and then revitalize it with a dip into the ice-cold water of the tub.
The ultimate replenishment is rounded up by the fresh forest air and the unequalled energising scenery.

On the first peak of the Estate you will find a wood heated finish sauna, a cold-water tub and a shower.
The Sauna can be used all year round. Bring your torch and boots!

Traditionally we use the Sauna before dinner. Sauna during sun-dawn is most enchanting, whereas
every moment of the day is right for this experience.

RON 200 for 1-2 guests, a beautiful experience with a water-cure of 2 bottle local Mineral Water from our Carpathian volcanic area. In addition,
you will receive 2 bottles of local Craft Beer.

Each additional guest RON 50, max. 6 guests.