Sky dining on the Hanging Terrace

The deck fitted to the hillside 7 km away from the Guesthouses, directly accessible from the Castle Park offers the most beautiful view from the 500 hectares Estate over the Southern Ridge of the Carpathian Curve. In good weather conditions you can see as far as the Fogaras Mountains in 75 miles distance. Enjoy an exceptional meal service at 1000 m altitude combined either with a 1.5-hours hike, or a transfer with our 4x4 vehicle. On the way to the Hanging Terrace you will pass the “Wolf Hole” a cozy place for a picnic in the woods.

For 2 guests, including 4×4-tour & served lunch with drinks on The Hanging Terrace overviewing the Carpathian
Mountains from 1,000 m altitude; approx. 4 hours; RON 1500
Each additional guest RON 220, max. 8 guests

Reservation required one day in advance