Wedding at the Castle

Weddings are one of the most important events of a couple's life.

Organising such an occasion needs attention, devotement and care for details. Every couple is different and thus they need to have the freedom to enjoy THEIR moment. Zabola Estate would like to come in help to those in seek of joy and offer a fairy-tale like environment and professional help to overcome every obstacle.

The venue offers various possibilities from open air jigs to indoor balls.

It is always the best if you let the moment compass you.

For this we offer you a 3-day long event that starts with a leisure grill evening amongst close friends and family, continues with relaxed preparation throughout the day and culminates with a memorable party. The third day is for a pleasant tittle-tattle about the happenings of the event.

No matter what the weather would look like there is also an indoor alternative for every moment of such a joyful event. The venues are spread all over the Estate.

For outdoor moments there are:
- Fireplace at the Beehive Oven – a grand bonfire, loads of candles, glowing grill for a leisure time

- Terraces in front of the New Castle for good dinner
- Round the fountain or at the Lakeside for a reception
- The back garden of the Luxury Stable for a jig.

For indoor happenings we suggest you plan with:
- The New Castle Restaurant for a proper evening
- The 2 Ballrooms of the Luxury Stables with its two huge open fireplaces and candle only illumination for a magnificent party

Covered places:
- Pavilion at the back of the Machine House for a sip of fresh air
- Patio of the Luxury Stables for a bit of shelter
- Stretch tent on various location for a twist in the night

One of our trademarks is fire. We have that in the garden in form of huge bonfires, we use it in the ballroom as 3-400 hundred burning candles and you'll find it in the bedrooms and social areas in the various open fireplaces. This element warms not only your body but also your soul to raise the spirits.

As for the decoration and sweets... Our partners will take care of any sophisticated query you should have.


The Szalmaszál flower shop is one of the best you could desire for and will give you the solution from minimal art through rustic to lush extravagance.


You'll feel yourself in the 7th heaven when the Eden of Sweets takes care of your cake and candybar.

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