Zabola Debates - A China-Russia Axis?

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Between the 19th and the 21st of June 2023, at the Zabola Estate in Transylvania, Romania, LSE IDEAS in cooperation with the Roy Chowdhury - Mikes Foundation have organized a symposium on the ongoing Russia - China partnership and its impact on Europe and the wider world.

This event was designed to create a space for debate on the geopolitical actions and responses of the EU and its neighbours and partners in this rapidly changing international environment.
The discussions - entitled “The Zabola Debates” - were focused on European Grand Strategy and the internal and external forces shaping it.

The debate brought together some of the leading authorities in their respective fields - academics, researchers, policymakers, commentators and practitioners with high-level experience in international affairs.
Participants in this symposium included historians (prof. Dominic Lieven, prof. Michael Burleigh), political scientists (prof. Chris Alden, prof. Sumantra Bose, prof. Slobodan Markovic) and leading specialists on conflict and war (prof. Christopher Coker, prof. Christopher Dandecker).

The title of the 2023 ‘Zabola Debate’ was “A China-Russia Axis?”.
Structured in three panels, this discussion’s aim was to assess the solidity of the Moscw-Beijing partnership and the ways in which it might influence the current international political order.

For the Roy Chowdhury - Mikes Foundation, this event marked the emergence of a new facet to the Zabola Estate, an already highly successful household name in Transylvanian hospitality. This new approach aims at hosting high level academic debates in the luxurious and extremely relaxing environment that is to be found at the domain in Zăbala, Covasna county, Romania, which is picturesquely set on the forested foothills of the Carpathian mountains which embrace the old province of Transylvania.